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The following links are additional resources that may be of interest.

Harm reduction approaches should extend to patient smoking

This article appeared in the December 31, 2019 online website Addiction Professional.

When Addiction Professional  was a print publication a number of articles were published that are now available on the website.

Mixing advocacy with treatment
March 01, 2010
In recent years a growing appreciation has formed about the importance of involving recovering individuals in activities that promote civic engagement. A program in San Diego teaches clients to be both self advocates and systems change activists.

Tobacco Harm Reduction Research Project
A major research effort to study a range of tobacco interventions including harm reduction strategies among persons with substance use or mental health disorders.

Knowledge Action Change
KAC focuses on harm reduction as a key public health strategy including policies, regulations and actions that focus on reducing health risks, usually be providing safer forms of hazardous products or encouraging less risky behaviors. Harm reduction is a key public health strategy grounded in human rights.

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